I want to view & maybe buy pictures On-Line how do I see them?


Answer: For only $4.95 get instant access to view all the pictures of your event plus every event since 1999. That is access to nearly one million pictures and growing! To help give back to our customers... Order any print 8x10 or larger and you'll receive a matching custom 4x5 or 4x6 print for your support.


I want to cancel my subscription:


Read the terms and cancellation instructions on the email that Pay Pal sent with your passwords.  Most subscriptions are recurring. If you want to stop your subscription YOU MUST CANCEL THROUGH PAY PAL as YOUR Pay Pal passwords are needed. Photocross.net cannot cancel your subscription. It is all done through Pay Pal.


I want to see my pictures for free.


Answer: Just come by the photocross.net viewing trailer at the event. We always stay after the event for viewing time and taking orders. Plus we have some great specials only available at the event so grab a cold one and come on over. If we are out shooting just leave a note with your cell phone number on our ramp door and we will call you when open for viewing.


Why Pay $4.95 for 30 Days to Join PhotoCross.Net? 


Answer: Because you want to see YOUR pics plus Zillions more cool pics Don't ya?


And quite frankly this service is very expensive to offer... Diesel Truck, Gas, Trailer, Computers, Photo Equipment, Software, Maintenance, Insurance, Cleaning and Hosting a Huge Website not to mention the time spent editing organizing sometimes 10's of thousands of pictures. So this small fee weeds out the slackers and Somali picture pirates.


Can I Buy Pictures And Pay By Credit Card?


Answer: Our On-Line Shopping Cart is built for taking Credit Cards by Pay Pal.  OR Contact us by phone (702-340-4606) we can take your order directly over the phone. Please have relevant information ready such as Image Numbers, Event Name, Date, Race Class / Race Number & Plate Number.

I want to see and maybe buy pictures at the event?


Answer: Pictures are FREE to view and buy at the event inside the PhotoCross.Net Trailer. Plus we offer some discounts only at the event. It takes Time, Money and Server Space to post them on-line after the event and nothing has been removed since 1999. Yes that costs money to host that many images so please consider subscribing so it can continue. I try to make the cost sometime less than or near a gallon of gas for 30 days! $4.99


How Do I Join?


Answer: Get Instant access from any Country by using your Credit or Debit Card Through Pay Pal. A subscription button is on the Homepage and Master Event List Page.


What Type of Events Does PhotoCross.Net Cover?


Answer: Amateur MX Racing, Pro Motocross, Car Racing, Off-Road Trucks, Motorcycle Racing, Freestyle MX, Lovely Ladies, X-Games, Rodeo, MMA Fighting and NOW PHOTO BOOTH EVENTS + More!


What are the prints like?


Answer: Top Quality Custom Borderless Prints with a metallic glossy finish that we pay extra for. Every picture is hand done in Photo Shop, cropped if needed or requested, color corrected, and with event name/year and photocross logo (no exceptions on photo credit logo this is our policy).

I need to hire a photographer does PhotoCross.Net offer  Photo Services?


Answer:  Yes! If available and your budget allows.